Hi Everyone…

Welcome to my new website which I will strive to keep up to date on a regular basis. Through my blogs and posts I hope you will begin to learn more about me and my practice .

Literature has always inspired me and continues to inform my work with clients. I feel therefore it is apt that I should begin my blog with a piece from my favorite novel.

F Scott Fitzgerald writes in the closing lines of one of his most influential novels ‘The Great Gatsby’, “…-tomorrow we will run faster, stretch our arms out further…And one fine morning- So, we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past” (2008:194). Fitzgerald perhaps proposes here that no matter how much we fight against it, the past always has a way of finding us. Indeed it may be asserted that in many respects the past does permeate our current environment. However, I believe it is how we deal with the troubled bits if our past, whether we confront them or repress them, which will determine whether we are “borne back ceaselessly” into it. Psychotherapy in a way offers us a lens, allowing us to look at our past within a containing environment. It helps us to examine if there are any links between past and present and how this impacts upon us. If there is a good relationship between counsellor and client the hope is that this exploration may either enable us to move forward from the troubled bits of our past, or, integrate them into our lives in a more constructive manner.